Referral to St Peter's Hospice

Who is eligible for our care?

  • Anyone over the age of 18 with an active and advanced life-limiting disease such as cancer, heart and/or lung disease and neurological diseases
  • Patients referred to us may be close to the end of active treatment when a doctor has advised either that no further treatment will be of benefit or that further treatment is purely for the relief of difficult symptoms
  • The patient may be near the end of their life and may have chosen to die in a hospice. The patient (or their chosen representative, ie next of kin) must agree to the referral

Who can make a referral to St Peter’s Hospice?

Anyone can make a referral but usually patients are referred by a health or social care professional such as their GP, District Nurse or hospital Palliative Care team, for example. The patient’s GP must be in agreement with the referral.

Once a patient has been accepted by the Hospice they will be contacted by a triage nurse to let them know what will happen next. For the majority of patients the first contact they will receive will be a telephone call from a triage nurse. The triage nurse liaises with patients when they are first referred, to introduce the service and assess any urgent issues. This will often be followed by a visit from a Community Nurse Specialist or perhaps an invitation to an outpatient appointment.

Download a referral form.