Get Fundraising!

As you can imagine as our biggest fundraising event of year The Midnight Walk is costly to organise. We want our supporters to be aware that the registration fee you pay helps us cover the costs of hiring a venue, production, toilets, buying t-shirts and general event costs.  But unfortunately does not contribute to supporting our patients in Bristol.

You can start fundraising today by setting up an online fundraising page. You use either JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving.All sponsorship money collected on these sites will go directly to St Peter’s Hospice, so you don’t need to chase your supporters for the cash.




Alternatively, you can raise sponsorship offline.

Download a sponsorship form

Gift Aid

If you are collecting sponsorship money, use one of our sponsorship forms and make sure your sponsors correctly fill in all the boxes and tick the Gift Aid box.

Check your sponsors have given their home address, as we can only claim Gift Aid if individuals have given this. Please reassure them we will not contact them.

Just think - if you raised £100 and everyone did this, we could claim an extra £25 of Gift Aid, taking the total you have raised for us to £125.  


The Midnight Walk is sponsored by Canada Life and supported by Western Power Distribution.